Norm, MasterCraft Boat Company

April and Chris,

I wanted to let both of you know how much I appreciate your time and effort the last couple days. It’s not enough that you support the sport and our product the way you do but the effort you made to make Alex’s and my visit as enjoyable as it was goes far beyond any words that I can find. I started waterskiing at the age of 12, only because we didn’t get our first boat until I was 11. I’ve been blessed to be able to make a life out of what I love and that’s waterskiing. I’m not sure if you truly understand what today meant to me but either way it would have never meant what it did to Alex if it wasn’t for the whole experience you provided. On the way home he said repeatedly “ I can’t believe I got to learn how to ski with the best driver and the best skier in the world!” He wants me to make sure I keep his Coble ski school shirt fresh because he’s wearing it to school on Monday! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into making this special to Alex and myself.

I also wanted to say the effort you’ve invested into your school is really obvious. I’m sure nobody has any idea how much you’ve put into your school, but after spending the last few days with you I can honestly say there probably aren’t many people that go as hard as you two do. I believe this is a memory that Alex and I will share together for a lifetime and it is all due to you and Chris. Thank you so much for your hospitality, coaching, friendship and kindness.