Hi April and Chris,

Sorry I haven’t e-mailed you sooner. I want to thank you both for a wonderful time. Amy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at your ski school. She is skiing getting better by the set. Ending the week by watching you ski at the Global Invitational Tournament was the icing on the cake for her, and for me too!

Kudos to you, your family, and your staff. You all do a great job. Since returning from your place, I have recommend Coble Ski School to everyone I’ve talked to. We’ll definitely be back.

Thanks again,

Doug, Michigan

April and Chris,

Just wanted to drop you an email to tell you about my experience at you school. I had a great time! I’m sore and paying a small price this morning but that’s because of age and being out of shape. My experience with your instructors was nothing but outstanding. I’m a novice at wake boarding and was having trouble getting out of the water. After the first set I believe the instructor spoke with you and it was agreed I would go to another lake and try some other techniques. As soon as that happened I got right up on the boom and short rope. After the lunch break I went back to Lake 3 again and the next set I was up and out of the water. I still need to work getting out of the water but your staff has put me on the road to developing the skills I need. I think it’s important for the both of you as business owners to know how your staff represents you and your business. The three I came in contact with did an outstanding job. They certainly know there sport and how to work with people. There excitement and enthusiasm about water sports clearly showed as we went through the day.

In closing I’d like to say thanks again to your staff. I have two small children and a wife that are avid water sports enthusiasts and with being 30 minutes away in Fuquay Varina I hope to get each of them to your school in the future.


Randall , NC

To everybody at Coble Ski School,

Just want to say thanks to all of you for another great week. I had been looking forward to visiting again ever since I attended Spa Week last year. And of course I was not disappointed this year. Warm water, friendly and supportive atmosphere, great coaching, beautiful setting. It was nice to make new friends and meet up with some old ones. I really appreciate the encouraging, positive attitude at Coble, a big reason I keep coming back.

Thanks especially to those of you who worked with me personally this year, April, Tyler, Jason, Andy and Shelley. Thanks to all of you I achieved another personal best this year at camp. And thanks Shelley for taking some great pix of me water skiing. Now I can look at my pictures and remember my awesome week in NC. And when I show them to friends and family they want to know all about my week at camp and they ask questions like “Why would you travel all the way from WA to NC to water ski?” So I tell them. Several have expressed interest in coming along next time. 🙂

Mel, Camas, WA

Hey April!

Thanks again to you, Chris and the whole Coble team. As I mentioned to you, you have done an excellent job with the hiring process. There is quality, friendliness and a “get ‘er done” attitude that pervades your team. I was coached by Shelly, Andy, Michaela, Ty and Ryan. I received excellent coaching by all. I am especially impressed by the instruction from the Ty/Ryan team. Those two really have a firm grasp of slalom theory, and conveyed that knowledge in an easy to understand way. Ty was really good at focusing in on correcting my most glaring problems and not worrying too much about my more nuanced issues. I am sure I provide a challenging problem to any instructor: What do you fix first? Ty aced the test.

Anyway thanks again, and look forward to the fall.

Tim, Washington DC
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