The Coble Family


The Coble family has been an active part of the water skiing world since the 1970s. They have over 100 years of combined coaching experience. Gary Coble coached high school athletics for 18 years prior to becoming April’s full time water ski coach. April went on to win 30 plus National Titles, the US Masters, the Malibu Open, Moomba Masters in Australia, and the World Championships!  April still remains ranked as one of the top women skiers in the world! Mr. Coble taught his wife, Shirley Coble, how to ski in her 30s and she is one of the world’s top women competitors.

Chris Eller, April’s husband, is a National 3-event overall champion. He is most well-known though as one of the world’s best boat drivers! Chris drove the World Slalom Record a couple years ago and is a current Pro Tour driver. He trains our drivers here at camp and makes sure they are safe and doing all they can to help the skiers.

The staff at Coble Water Ski and Wakeboard Camp is carefully chosen every year. April selects over 40 instructors from all across the world. These coaches and drivers are enthusiastic people who oversee the campers at all times. We always have a driver and a coach in the boat with one student for all your private lessons. The other students wait at a dock area with a lifeguard until it is their time to ski. This area has water trampolines, beach area, paddle boats, shade, drinking water, sunscreen, practice handles, etc.

You’ll become part of our family when you come ski with us! We know you’ll enjoy our true Southern hospitality!